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GPA standard pumps entire hydraulic section is manufactured from cast iron, stainless steel 304 or 316. High quality pressed stainless steel wetted parts offer excellent resistance to corrosion and increased durability. The smooth and uniform surface ensures optimum performance, maintaining high efficiency throughout the pump life and lower power consumption, hence lowering operating cost.

We have been supplying these standard pumps many years back, widely used in the domestic housing, commercial building in government sectors, private sectors and more.

stainless steel pump
standard pumps


GPA industrial pumps is manufactured from cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel or super duplex stainless steel based on clients requirement. With capabilities of handling flows up to 30,000 m3/hr and pressure heads up to 70 bar, ensures the best hydraulic selection of the most suitable pump type, with optimised operating efficiency to meet specific operating duty point.

We have been supplying these industrial pumps many years back, widely used in the general indutry, petro chemical plant, water treatment plant, HVAC, and more.

industrial pumps
Double Suction Split Case Pump.png
Vertical In-Line Pump.png
wastewater pumps


Submersible Pump.png
Submersible Propeller Pump.png

GPA offers comprehensive range of submersible pumps engineered for both light and heavy duty applications. The pumps are robust, compact and reliable. They are designed for installations in commercial buildings, wastewater & general industry suitable for applications in general dewatering and sewage transfers; and to effective handling of water and wastewater which may contain faecal or fibrous matter in municipal and industrial applications.

We have been supplying these type of pumps in many years back, widely used in the commercial buildings, wastewater treatment plant, flood control, irrigation and more.



GPA fire fighting pumps package comply with guidlines of NFPA20, suitables for fire fighting management system for buildings and general industry. These pumps complete with electric class F insulation squirrel cage motor, diesel driven engine, jockey vertical multistage pumps, butterfly and check valves, pressurize tank, pipe manifolds and control panel. Horizontal mounted on a common baseplate compliance to NFPA20. 

We have been supplying these type of pumps in many years back, widely used in the commercial building, general industry, power plants and more.

fire fighting pumps
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